Who We Are

Sahay was incorporated in the year 2013 to manufacture speciality tailor made custom built lubricant additives and finished metal working fluids to supply to Indian and International Buyers. The plant has a capacity of 350 kl/pm on a single shift basis. All the blending vessels are on load cells and are made up of stainless steel. The factory has full-fledged QC and R&D lab facility and competent people to handle them. Promoters have nearly 40 years of experience in the lubricant and chemical industries.

What We Do

We are an international company specialising in the supply of metalworking fluids, packages, additives, related products and formulatory expertise to lubricant and speciality products manufacturing and marketing companies in India and across the globe.

The company’s main sphere of operation is in Water Extendible Lubrication Technology which includes:

  • Metalworking fluid additives

    Sahay Specialised Additives (SSA range) are designed to provide the metalworking fluid formulator with optimised fluid performance.
    The range has been developed to provide a complete portfolio of Metalworking Fluid Additives for both modern and classical fluid formulations.

  • Metalworking Fluid Packages

    Packages offer the ideal ‘half way’ option between in-house formulations and bought in finished products. The Sahay Package Technology (SPT range) provides a wide portfolio of blending and technology options.
    Typically where there are economies to be gained either in transportation or blending capacity utilisation, Packages are the preferred option for many of our customers.

  • Fully Formulated Metalworking Fluids

    For companies wishing to supply finished metalworking fluids to the end user and who do not wish to become involved in the development and manufacture of products, We are able to offer a wide and comprehensive range of finished products that can be branded to the customers requirements.

  • Corrosion inhibitor

    Water based Corrosion Inhibitor for ferrous and non- ferrous application.
    Oil based rust preventive